Correct selection of cosmetics

Nowadays, many suppliers claim that they are selling imported cosmetics, and sometimes ordered cosmetics are rough packaging, identity unclear, etc. should be paid special attention.

In cosmetics purchase and identify process should pay particular attention to:

a. Marked natural plant cosmetics are unlikelihood. Typically,Guest Posting the cosmetics are composed by various chemical composition, of which the deionized water is often accounts for most composition ratio, depending on various product types may be added other ingredients such as glycerin, mineral oil, silicone oil, stearic acid, nutrients, flavors, preservatives and so on. Silicone oil for a variety of vitamins, fungicides has dissolution effect. Cosmetics contains it can form a thin hydrophobic film in the skin surface. No fear for soaping and effectively extend the cream and creams role. In contrast, natural plant ingredients are just a small part, pure natural plant ingredients cannot be made of products. Therefore, claim natural plant cosmetic was just a publicity way of businesses.

b. Be careful to select the online sale imported cosmetics. Nowadays, many suppliers claim that they are selling imported cosmetics, and sometimes ordered cosmetics are rough packaging, identity unclear, etc. should be paid special attention. The complete procedure and can be sold on the market cosmetics should have special makeup number or record number, CIQ inspection and quarantine signs, labels, production date, shelf life and other information.

c. Instant cosmetics do not meet the basic properties of cosmetics. Cosmetic is a product that have gentle effect on the skin, some cosmetics claim that have quick whitening effect are existing irregularities add restriction substances phenomena, such as lead and mercury exceeded or adding hydrogen, phenol, etc. These components likely to cause skin damage, even show up heavy metal poisoning.

d. Silver can be used to identify the lead content of cosmetics. Many cosmetics contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals trace impurities, the concentration too high will bring skin damage. Identification methods can be by portable silver, take appropriate products applied in the back of hands, and then use silver to rub a little harder in the painting area, if show up shallow black or black marks indicating that it contains heavy metals such as lead. But more scientific and accurate method is still measuring the lead content of the product.

Beauty skin care products and scientific cosmetics use principles:

a. Daily make, up appropriate the light make up. Heavy make up not only cannot better achieve cosmetic purposes, what is important, heavy makeup will inhibit the smooth skin to “breathe”. Make up should interval and thoroughly take off formal dress, giving the skin a “breathing space”. If make up every day, skin cannot rest and will eventually damage the skin and reduce the autologous immune function. Experts suggest that, if not go out or attend formal occasions, you had better not to make up, painted a little cream to the skin, make the skin “recuperate”.

b. Cosmetics brand “single-mindedness” is not the best policy. Whether for individual pursuit or brand publicity purposes, according to cosmetic raw material suppliers, using the same brand of cosmetics or skin care products year after year is likely to produce allergy to commonly used product raw materials, so that appeared cosmetics adverse reactions.

c. Pay attention to cosmetic appearance and character changes. Any cosmetics after opened, if can not run out in a short term, before re-use should pay attention to whether their appearance and character changed, such as the appearance color change into black, brown, yellow from the original color, show up bubbles or render color, such as mildew, odor change, traits thinning, surface water, etc., show that cosmetics have started to change, you can not continue to use.

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