Market trendy of color cosmetics and skin care products in Asia

There are colored lip gloss, a variety of functional cosmetics material and skin care products in the markets.

Constantly changing market demand makes the manufacturers always pay attention to market development,Guest Posting research and development of new products to meet consumer needs.

In Korea, the formation of natural color cosmetics are welcome, women no longer pay attention to lip make-up, and strive to show the natural beauty of face, to improve skin health and appearance, cosmetics, skin the young the most pro-gaze. Previously, Korean women prefer to use the cover-type beauty products, and now they are more concerned about the health of the skin, so skin looks flawless. Lip area, close to the skin color, such as orange, beige and more popular.

Skin care products are the fastest growing types of functional products, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, giving the skin elasticity and sun protection products. Korea Food and Drug Association whitening used cosmetic ingredients, raw materials, anti-wrinkle and sun were screened, and cosmetics industry focused on the functional care products. Consumers are more and more attention to natural ingredients, many brands contain plants and herbs, natural ingredients, especially botanical ingredients to give consumers a sense of security, seeking natural ingredients should focus on human health and life- viability. In the Korean market, the Oriental herbs or herbal extracts are the main ingredients of cosmetics. China’s cosmetics manufacturer in its field leading position

Fast development of China’s cosmetics industry, with the continuous improvement of living standards, quality of life more attention than before, in cosmetics consumption is also increasing. Shanghai and Beijing consumers to use nutrition, skin moisturizing cosmetics, skin smooth and delicate; whitening, wrinkle-free and eliminate freckles cosmetics is also more popular. And Korea, as Chinese women is also interested in functional cosmetics. China’s 2001 anti-aging cream and skin care cosmetics market growth than in almost any other product. Cream anti-aging cream and premium brands accounted for mainly by the major markets. Facial moisturizer and cleanser skin care tretinoin market in Asia, the largest type of product. Higher-priced products on the growth of high value-added product areas play a larger role, formulators have developed more sophisticated high-performance formulations, such as adding moisturizing agents, whitening agents and the use of the first course is the next few years, the most innovative cosmetic important driving force. Day the science and technology, improve product value. Once only in the Japanese market to buy quality products, and now on the market in South Korea and China can buy. This shows that the cosmetics market is changing rapidly.

Natural ingredients in cosmetics play a significant role, commonly used in moisturizing and repair products. Plant extracts product in the next ten years will be more common. Manufacturers have increasingly recognized the importance of natural vegetation, natural products consumers show a greater interest.

Lipstick color cosmetics products in the account for the largest share of sales, as lower prices, the most obvious form of landscaping cosmetics, lipstick is also very popular in rural and urban areas. Chinese women prefer bright colors, especially red lipstick. International brands in China skin care and cosmetics industry, the main body. China’s domestic brands accounted for 40% of sales. In recent years the Japanese economy has been declining, but can provide innovative anti-aging and whitening properties of skin care products and cosmetics prevail in the competition (high-end products and the popularity product) of the Japanese women to keep up with global fashion trends, which will kinds of help cosmetics, toiletries growth.

Asian cosmetics industry is continually changing, because the cosmetics and fashion related. Japanese women follow the fashion world, so they often buy new cosmetics to keep up with trends. They like to imitate the appearance of celebrities, is a particular favorite cosmetics – gloss products, cosmetics, eyelashes, lipstick. Asian cosmetics market is growing rapidly, in order to meet rising consumer demand, the manufacturers are constantly introducing new products and hope in the future to have better, more beautiful, more effective products beautify people’s lives.

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